WE are one of those first company which invested in Fly bricks technology in Bihar. We are Initiator of this technology in Bihar. Other Fly bricks making company which are there in the market don't have much experience in brick making process.Founder of this company is in Brick Business since last 35 years.So we have Specialty and experience of making good Quality bricks.

Fly ash bricks are made by mixing various raw material in various proportion.So by Variating the proportion of raw material Quality can be degraded.But we maintain the require proportion of Raw material(like Fly Ash,Sand,Lime,Gypsum)to get good strength Fly Bricks.

We mix extra hardener to Give Extra strength to Fly Bricks.And Each day Quality testing is done before stocking the bricks for sell.

Strength of Fly Bricks Depends on Curing of bricks that is after air drying treating with water for 15 Days.Others do Curing only for 7-8 days and pile up for sell.But We are committed to Quality. We Do curing for 20-30 days.

We Do Time Delivery. After booking You don't need to take tension we will deliver Your Purchased Fly Bricks to Your Door Step